Unified Daughterboard S1
    Unified Daughterboard S1
    Unified Daughterboard S1
    Unified Daughterboard S1
    Unified Daughterboard S1
    Unified Daughterboard S1
    Unified Daughterboard S1
    Unified Daughterboard S1

    Unified DaughterBoard S1 version (v1.1)

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    Unified Daughterboard S1 version (latest v1.1) (USB-C). This new S1 revision has a slimmer form factor and a different internal cable connector compared to the pre-existing C3 daughterboard series.

    This Unified Daughterboard S1 features:

    • Slim form factor, allowing for a smaller footprint. Secured to the case by 2x M3 screws;
    • New more durable Molex Pico-Ezmate connector that clips in vertically;
    • 1:1 connector pinout, allowing for backward compatibility;
    • Same protections than previous C3 daughterboard series:
      • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection;
      • Overcurrent protection;
      • Overvoltage protection;
      • Shielding noise decoupling capabilities;
      • Single-path grounding of the metallic chassis to which the daughterboard is attached.

    Available (see the option below) with one cable of approximately 150mm.

    • Matte Black
    • with 150mm length cable
    • without cable


    The Unified Daughterboard Project is an attempt by leading designers in the mechanical keyboard community to standardise the USB daughterboards used for their custom mechanical keyboard projects. It was initially envisioned by users ai03, Wilba, Hineybush, Xelus, Xondat, aeryxz and Maximillian.

    This daughterboard's main characteristic is integrating a USB Type C connector and the needed circuitry for USB 2.0 operation in a small PCB that can be screwed to a keyboard chassis; this significantly simplifies the assembly and design of the main circuit board.

    More information can be found on the GitHub page of the project.

    Unified Daughterboard S1 Specs

    • Overall size: 40 x 9 mm
    • Screw holes: 33 mm apart
    • Hardware: 2x M3 screws
    • Connector: Molex Pico-EZmate (781710004)
    • PCB layers: 4 (7628 stackup)
    • Cable length (optional): 150mm
    • Further specs and implementation details here

    Note: The cable should be handled with care. Any kinks can cause connection issues. The cable connects from the top, not the side.

    In addition, we have the C3 version of the Unified Daughterboard available, which maintains the previous form factor to ensure compatibility with keyboards designed with earlier layouts.

    40x9 mm
    Surface Finishing
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