ClackX Alpha

Designed by Doctorboy

Introducing the first creation from ClackX, the Alpha, an entry-level keyboard designed by Doctorboy from ClackX. Everything from the keyboard to the PCB is designed in-house!

Alpha is a keyboard designed to elevate your typing experience while using more affordable materials like acrylic. Some key design features of the Alpha are combining two top colours, the 65% layout with exploded arrow keys, two knobs, one on each side and an OLED to help you navigate QMK layers and easily configure the knobs.

Feel free to provide and share feedback as we embark on this exciting journey together. Thanks for your support!

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As a mechanical keyboard enthusiast since 2018, I have always wanted to build a more personal layout that would precisely fit my needs. So, in 2020, Covid-19 was striking hard in Europe, and with Portugal on a complete lockdown, I decided this would be an excellent opportunity to create my first keyboard.

My approach when developing new projects is to be focused on solving minor user problems and challenges, and I define those upfront and work from there.

For ClackX Alpha, I tried to address the following points:

  • Personalised 65% layout
  • Ability to switch switches easily (I planned to have this board to test or break in switches / also suitable for newcomers).
  • Ability to control media players more easily on the keyboard.
  • Facilitate the usability of layers with QMK
  • Provide a more "bouncy" and soft typing experience
  • Avoid having a high-price

After multiple rounds of feedback and prototypes, each topic was addressed independently and led to the project that I'm presenting here on this page.

I hope you enjoy my first creation and have the opportunity to use it.

Have fun!

Why Stacked Acrylic?

As someone trying to build a mechanical keyboard for the first time, I found acrylic to be a cheap and easy way to iterate on multiple prototypes and experiences with my limited resources.

I found prototyping a key and mandatory step when designing a new keyboard, and when doing it with more premium materials like aluminium, this can be quickly very expensive (i.e. 5k-10k€). With this choice, I was able to make multiple iterations, and I found this a good opportunity also to try to enhance the keyboard typing and user experience in general for a stacked acrylic build that is not considered a premium choice.


Geek Area - Specs

  • 65% layout with exploded arrow keys
  • Stacked acrylic case with acrylic feets targeting approx. a 6º typing angle
  • Option to use Cone Feet
  • Leaftspring sandwich mount
  • Universal FR4 plate supporting all layouts
  • Universal hot-swap PCB with multi-layout support (ANSI, ISO and split spacebar)
  • Solderable PCB with multi-layout support (ANSI, ISO, and 7u and split spacebar)
  • Unified USB-C Daughterboard C3 and JST cable (PCB also supports C4 connector)
  • Two rotary encoders (click feedback)
  • Two high quality Knobs from Kilo International
  • 0.96 inch Oled Display
  • Underglow RGB
  • Three different options for screws.
  • Support of QMK/VIA/VIAL
  • Weight (fully built): 800g (acrylic feet) / 850g (cone feet)
  • Height: 20.6mm (7 acrylic layers + 1 FR4 plate)
  • Effective Keyboard Height: approx. 26mm (with acrylic feet)
  • Price: 230€ + VAT (when applicable)

Layout Support

Design Language

The goal for this keyboard was to have a personalised visual appeal for a stacked acrylic keyboard. A transparent bottom to visualise all the internals, a matte finish on the top and a colour combination on the screws to provide a final personalised touch.

Mounting Style

Stacked acrylic keyboards usually have a sandwich mount, which sometimes provides a stiffer typing experience. With that in mind, we embedded a leafspring design in the place to provide a more bouncy and soft typing experience.

The leafspring design was inspired by Thermal by without the side mounting points and optimised for a sandwich mount.

Combined with FR4, we can achieve an enjoyable typing experience that would delight anyone looking for a soft feel.

Custom Acrylic Feets

Experience enhanced comfort and custom aesthetics with ClackX Alpha's personalized feet options.

Choose between our in-house designed acrylic feet for a unique look or the more classic aluminium cone feet for a sleek and minimal setup.

With ClackX Alpha, you have the freedom to personalize the look of Alpha to your personal taste.

Personalize the Screws

Experience full customization with ClackX Alpha! Choose from three stunning screw options:

  • aluminium black-anodized screws with red washers
  • black steel screws
  • rainbow titanium screws.

All sets come with aluminium black-anodized standoffs. Elevate your keyboard's style and performance during our exclusive group buy!

Extra Functionality

ClackX Alpha was developed with the mindset of having a product that is easy to use.

By combining Knobs, an OLED screen and the amazing open-source software QMK/VIA/VIAL, you and your fellow users can explore a world of possibilities.

With the original firmware, you can:

  • Adjust sound volume with knobs.
  • Manage media players on your devices using the knobs.
  • Effortlessly scroll your mouse with the knobs.
  • Customize underglow RGB mode and colours on-the-fly.
  • Easily visualize the QMK layers in use.

It's worth noting that the knobs' functionality can be changed between predefined options on-the-fly, without requiring external software. We can't wait for you all to experience the limitless potential of ClackX Alpha!

Group Buy information

This keyboard will only be available via a group buy. We worked hard to optimise the last details and collect feedback through interest checks and meetup participation.

Below you can find the GB information. Don't miss it!

  • GB window open on July 29 00h GMT+1
  • GB ends on August 31 23h59 GMT+1
  • The estimated ETA is around 2 months after GB closing
  • Vendor: ClackX store (myself, EU based)
  • MOQ: 10 units
  • Maximum number of units: 30

Update: MOQ was not achieved and GB was suspended! Thanks everyone for the support.

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